CocoLuxAus is inspired by working with fashion brands that are ethically and sustainably created.

  Our collection is full of stunning ethically made and hand finished pieces, that use only the finest textiles, threads and mother of pearl buttons. 
We are pleased to be able to share this collection with everyone. 

   Through this collection we aim to highlight the textile traditions and culture of India. Featuring hand printed fabrics, printing using hand made blocks and screen, hand embroidery and beading, this is a range that supports traditional art and cottages industries. Each piece is unique in its own way, thanks to the time and care taken to hand-finish each garment by master craftsman in India. 

   The sustainable fabrics such as linen, cotton, bamboo and silk that have been used to create this line have been sourced from around the world, including Italy and India. 

    This stunning, fashionable resort-wear range is perfect for your lifestyle, whether you're relaxing with friends, enjoying a BBQ at home, walking the red-carpet, or mixing it up at work.